Life is Feodal: Your Own

Why we?


High availability servers

Our servers are located in the data center. This gives practically complete absence of downtime.


The lack of a full wipe

Thanks to our own development and well tuned servers, we can guarantee that your game progress will not be lost.


Low ping

Our servers have a high-speed connection to the major backbone providers in Russia and Europe.

Some features of the game on our servers

Features, that we had implemented at our server

  • lack of full map wipe, skills wipe, etc;
  • mini-wipe system based on the statistics of an active player (moving on territory in one week).
    Territory will be reserverd if player(s) moved on this territory in 30 minutes or more.
    Mini-wipe runs every wednesday at scheduled server restart. If you planed to stop playing for some time for some reason you need to write request here Request to GM;
  • The unique events (the labyrinth, capture the provinces, etc.);
  • Disabled teleport to create more realistic gameplay;
  • Perpetual buildings claim;
  • Donations for the monument were changed. Now the monument takes steel, five-component food and gems. All the details on the issue of monuments, see the section header “Request to GM” in the corresponding server section of our forum.
  • Tunnels rollback system. Every day during the scheduled restart we delete all tunnels;
  • Custom admin terraforming;
  • Creation of marshes;
  • Fixing area changes;
  • Notification system in the game;
  • Claim fortresses possibility;
  • Automatically remove inactive players tied to the house (not played during the week);
  • Automatic deletion of accounts with the characters, which had been inactive for more than 3 months;
  • The growth of grass in fertile soil;
  • and much more


Added ability to create the bog surface in the strategic objectives for the defense of the fort.
Movement speed of the player in the swamp is reduced by 50{f79d27b198995daf3ca8c15e06090c159bc9290d29eeb65d123f40ceda00f881}.

The exact recipe creation will not be disclosed, but it will POSSIBLE depend on the time elapsed since the last change of cell, weather and composition of soil layers in the cell.

Good luck in the experiments with the landscape.

Keep (masonry), large keep (architecture):

Added ability to claim these buildings. Capacity of this buildings 20 and 30 players respectively.

The history of our project creation

The history of our project began in late 2014, when there was a release of the game Life is Feudal and a small group of players rushed to look for a server in order to try new creation yet unknown studio Bitbox Ltd.

The server was found, and the mastering of the game island began. We built a small settlement in the swamp and began to equip it. From time to time we raided the locals in order to pull that bad lay. Since joining us on the server it took about 5 days. a small fort was built, which at the time seemed to be not so small, a few warehouses with a chicken coop and other buildings. Most of the game content at the time was not available, and the players were content with what has been. Late in the evening of trial and error I finally got to the fighting skills, learn the skills possession of a crossbow. Prepare himself a pack of screws and a crossbow, I decided that today is already done enough and search purposes need to do tomorrow.

By accessing the server in the morning I found that on the spot where stood our settlement is not nothing but a changed landscape. There are no trees, no buildings, there is nothing except the bare ground. The first thought that came to mind – “that probably broken and should be fixed shortly.” But, alas, as time went on, and the news from the administration of the server have not been reported. Later in the afternoon there was fresh news, the meaning of which was that server had wiped (to remove all the progress) for an unknown reason. When seeing the window to create a new character with no previous skills learned, it came up with a unique idea … It’s time to do your own server on which such nonsense will not happen.

On the same day it has been downloaded the latest version of the server ( and began mastering the inside game. A few days later we rented a server and run the game on it. Since then we have been working on improving and refining both technical and gameplay component of Life is Feudal. We are guided by the principle of the playing possibility without loss of gameplay under any circumstances, and keep it to this day.


Event “Capture provinces”
Task: capture the province by establishing dominance on the target areas and to gain control over its resources.

Event “The Maze Runner”
Objective: survive and get out of the maze
Сonditions: have clean equipment exclude some food to survive; move only in fighting stance;

Event “Robin Hood”
Objective: hit the target 5 times (total points determine the winner)
Сonditions: skill “Bows mastery” unlocked; Shoot only on command of the administrator; empty inventory; every shot from the new platform;

Event “Last man standing”
Objective: shoot with a bow an opposing team
Сonditions: skill “Bows mastery” trained to 30+ level; empty inventory; do not enter the neutral zone, fenced by a stone wall;

Event “Assault”
Objective: eliminate an enemy base and find the hidden object
Сonditions: empty inventory; be able to use primitive weapons; put objects only by the laws of physics;

Event “The Conquest of Everest”
Objective: climb to the top using the supplied items
Сonditions: empty inventory; have a bit of skill; the object must touch “Everest” with 3-5{f79d27b198995daf3ca8c15e06090c159bc9290d29eeb65d123f40ceda00f881} of its length

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